Beyond IBS

Hi, I’m Bev

I’m a root cause health coach, Thai massage therapist, free dancer, researcher and artist. I live on the North Kent Coast, close to the beach, with my husband, son and very fluffy cat.

How did I get into holistic work? In 2009, I had a health scare that led to a complete re-evaluation of my life. I’d been going down the wrong path, not taking care of myself and running away from inner world. This painful awakening was the beginning of a lifelong passion for self discovery and for sharing with others what I am blessed to learn along my path.


Connecting mind and body


In 2010, I trained in Thai yoga massage. This journey began to connect me to my body – something I had unconsciously avoided, although had been “thinking” about since my dissertation on the mind-body split in 2001. 

I’ve learned a lot on this path – and I’m passionate about helping clients connect more to their bodies. I believe that this is how we experience wholeness, insight, self healing and peace. If we connect to our bodies, life flows and widespread change is possible.

I have always asked "why"

After years of Thai massage a big “why” had been growing within me: why do some clients make a complete recovery after one session whilst others experience temporary relief?  For some of my clients, I was managing their symptoms – and I wanted to go beyond this.

I felt instinctively that the answer lay in our emotions. I believed that our bodies must have the power to recover, self heal and rebalance from chronic health issues, that we have an innate intelligence far beyond what we have been taught to see.

Your unique root cause of IBS

My lightbulb moment


Discovering Root Cause Health Coaching was a breakthrough moment. It answered my “why” in more ways than I could have hoped for. Not only that emotions and stress cause chronic health issues (many of us sense this) but that there is a very specific science to this – and we can self heal with a very targeted method. 

The impact for my clients has been profound. 

Why Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

I have walked this path of self healing myself, having struggled with digestive issues since childhood. I understand how much impact digestive health can have on our overall well-being – and how it feels to lie awake at night in pain. The gut is such a common place that we hold trauma and stress. It’s also where deeper connection to our whole self is possible. Through finding and addressing my root cause I have also gained self love and a deeper sense of safety.

I am progressing towards my Masters and PhD in Root Cause Analysis Health Coaching, focusing my research on IBS.


Work with me

Address your root cause

There is a needle in the haystack that keeps your symptoms going. Through a precise method, we can find that needle and remove it. Change is possible.

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