Beyond IBS

Address your root cause

We always have three choices

Having IBS can feel frustrating and exhausting. You may have explored traditional and alternative methods to treat your symptoms, only to find that symptoms reduce somewhat, but then reappear. However, with any health issue, we have three choices.

1. Wait and see
Hope your symptoms pass or decide to live with it.
2. Treat your symptoms 
Use traditional or natural methods, possible side effects.
3. Address your root cause

Targeted, personalised and sustainable.

The root cause

You may have experienced a difficult loss, an abusive relationship, work stress – or other stressful life event that took its toll on you. We can mentally ‘forget’ these experiences, but the body can take that experience and tuck it away to protect us and help us cope. 

Over time this creates a chronic health issue. Root Cause Health Coaching is a very tailored and focused approach that can help you find and release the unique root cause that keeps your symptoms stuck.

Up to 80% of IBS cases are linked to emotional distress and trauma.

Your body is always listening


Your body is always responding to your thoughts and feelings. Imagine a cold glass of your favourite refreshing drink waiting for you in the fridge – your body responds to this thought. If you really imagine this, your mouth may start to water.  Have you also noticed that your digestive symptoms flare up when you feel stress or difficult emotions – or perhaps that your symptoms fluctuate? Our bodies respond to all our thoughts and feelings, sometimes very subtly – and sometimes not.

Through root cause health coaching, you will learn how your gut has adapted with the intention of supporting you – and how this has impacted your symptoms.

Change is possible

Addressing root cause emotions and stress is a ground-breaking method that’s building momentum across the world. We use innovative mind body techniques to loosen and release energy and emotions that are stuck in your gut. It’s a gentle, natural and holistic process.

All side effects are positive.  You will gain a totally new outlook on your health that will support you beyond the session – and throughout your life.

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Get started

How I can help

I use a targeted 10 step process to help you connect with your symptoms and understanding of what is really going on. You will learn that you have everything you need within to self-heal.

Start today with awareness

I’ve created a free guide to help you begin exploring the why behind your IBS symptoms using simple steps and self care practices that can be used at home. 

The gut brain connection

The why behind IBS

Why IBS symptoms can keep recurring. Our body can self-heal from most chronic illnesses if we create the right conditions...

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Always consult your physician or qualified health care provider with your questions about your medical condition and before starting or using any diet, dietary supplement, herbal remedies, or another health program.