Beyond IBS

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Options for working together

Whether you are intrigued and wanting to find out more, or you are ready to commit to address your root cause, there are several options below.

Free 20 minute discovery call


A complementary video call that provides you with the opportunity to meet me, ask questions and get a feel for whether this is something you would like to explore further with me.

I would like hear about your journey and goals and help you decide if you would like to target the root cause. 

Sessions - address the root cause of IBS


A focused session that begins a healthy upwards spiral:

This can be achieved online or face to face. You will develop your mind-body connection and experience emotional release. To address all of the layers and experience physical transformation from IBS, the mind body journey is highly recommended.  Session cost: £80

Sessions - address the root cause of IBS


All sessions support you to:

  • Identify the root cause of your IBS symptoms
  • Understand how stressors impact your symptoms
  • Release the emotions that keep symptoms recurring
  • Create and take home simple practices to further embed your upward spiral.
  • Gain a new empowering understanding of health.

Includes email support and mentoring between sessions to help you stay on track, as necessary. Sessions can be achieved online or face to face.I will guide on a journey that is tailored to your needs. At the end you will experience transformation to the level that you are ready.

Payment options

IBS is a collection of symptoms that have been through chronic cycles, often over years. A package of sessions is highly recommended to address the root cause, in order to address all of the layers and experience lasting physical change.


Pay as you go

£85 1st 90min session
£80 – follow up sessions
Flexible plan

One session can be great for addressing acute/recent symptoms or to develop your mind-body connection.


3 session plan

£210 (save £35)
One 90min session
+ two 75min sessions
Payment plan available

Great for focusing on a chronic symptom.


6 session plan

£390 (save £95)
One 90min session
+ five 75min sessions
Payment plan available

Recommended for multiple digestive symptoms or chronic issues.

Transformation for your body and mind

Free Guide - Explore IBS at home

Begin exploring your ‘why’ today. Gain a new connection to your body and understanding of your health.

Join our next sharing circle

A safe space for those with IBS to gently explore connecting to sensation and our inner experiences as a path to change.

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