Beyond IBS

Freedom from IBS

Living with IBS and digestive symptoms such as bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhoea can be incredibly draining, lonely and very uncomfortable. It can create restrictions around food choices and social plans, putting a strain on many areas of your life.

You may have been told that there is no clear cause or cure for IBS.  You may feel unsupported and that you will always have to live with these painful and inconvenient symptoms. You may have tried different ways to manage your symptoms, with varying success.

Change is possible.

Life beyond IBS symptoms

You have your unique experiences and life path and exploring the timeline of how and when your symptoms began is that missing ingredient that will take you beyond symptom relief, to lasting change.


The science of trauma


77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health.

Life experiences can be hard to digest or let go of. You may have mentally put them aside, yet your body may need help to process and fully let go.

An innovative and natural approach to health is growing across the globe. We look at the very specific anatomy of stress – how the gut adapts to trauma, as a way to help us cope.

Beyond feeling stuck​

Could you believe that you already have everything within you to move beyond IBS? You do not need a magic cure from outside yourself. Believe this, apply it to your symptoms and you can feel so empowered with your health. 

You will learn to observe the changes in your body and you will understand ‘why’.  A lifelong tool to takeaway with you.

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  • Client feedback

    "I was in so much discomfort with my IBS for years, but with every session it got better and better and my sleep has improved tenfold. I'm so grateful for Bev and her guidance."

  • Client feedback

    "I've tried lots of things over the years to help alleviate my IBS, but this new approach has been amazing and really helped changed my mindset around it. Thank you Bev."

  • Client feedback

    "I've felt so stuck with my IBS for such a long time. Now I know why it started and because of that I feel so much more connected to myself. I have a confidence in my health I've never had before. I can't recommend Beverley highly enough."

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